There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, IF it is daylight when you emerge. Sometimes you think you’re in a tunnel and you’re actually in a cave. A tunnel is an underground passage way dug into the earth. My first memory of a tunnel is the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel between Detroit and Windsor… United States and Canada. Windsor is south of Detroit. … Continue reading Tunnels

Old England

Arriving in England to begin a house-sit, we usually try to arrive a day or so early to acclimate to the time and locations.  We took an early check-in and went to find the LDS temple, met some lovely folks and had a delicious Indian dinner in a neighboring village.  We returned the following day for a temple experience that was one to remember.  The … Continue reading Old England

Summers in Michigan

Michigan summers are the best, so that’s where we were. The days are usually sunny, the fireflies at night are delightful and the waters are more than the mind can imagine. We started our time at the lake for a picnic with friends and it just got better from there. Graduation parties, wedding festivities, boating/fishing, lakeside fireworks, early morning dock time and oh, the family … Continue reading Summers in Michigan


I have no passion. I’m the sidekick, the ancillary, the sidecar, appendage.  I‘m not competitive, I’m not really good at any particular thing.  I’ve tried different things and I’m okay at most of them, but then I move on to something else, or nothing else.  At this phase of life and this lifestyle, I’ve come to realize this and the need to find something to … Continue reading Namaste