County Cork, Ireland

The Irish neighborhood in Detroit is called “Corktown”.  Our week in Cork wasn’t much like Detroit, but it was again, another good time in Ireland.  The city of Cork reminded me of Chicago; not as big as New York (Dublin) but still with the culture, diversity, services and excitement.  You may have seen my Instagram post about the tickets to The Wizard of Oz that were gifted to us.

It was kind of a reward for picking up garbage around the city.  We went to Cobh, which used to be named Queenstown (it was changed as Ireland gained independence from England), which was the last port of call for the Titanic.  There were great stories of passengers who got on, and off of the ship at that port.  I’d been feeling a bit emotional, so it was a striking time for me.


After days in the city, going out to the beautiful beach town of Kinsale we were exhausted and decided to change plans by a few days and go to Bantry, which is a great town on Bantry Bay in the western coast of County Cork.  It was a much-needed break from the city and hustle-bustle.  Jerome painted a triptych of Bantry Bay as seen below:


Bantry House was built near the ruins of the original fort and the gardens.  The 100 step climb gave a beautiful view of the ocean behind the mansion.


THE RING OF KERRY week was rediculously stressful for me.  Just before we got on the train out of Bantry, I got an error message on my laptop, then it locked-up, blah-blah-blah, a phone call with Dell tech support, diagnostics showed that my hard drive was gone.  “Hard Drive – Not installed” was the message.   But it had a hard drive when I bought it 5 weeks ago, and it’s been working as if there was a hard drive for the past 5 weeks.  What the heck?  I’ll go with “what-ever-it-takes” to make things right.

Okay then, get me a new hard drive.  Here’s where the story goes bad, and I am thinking things that God does not want me to do or think.  I don’t have an international warranty, so I will have to pay for “out of warranty service”.  Maybe my credit card insurance will pay for it.  They do not.  They only cover once the regular warranty has expired.  If I ripped my hair out, my head would be bald an bloody and I still have a job to do, so, okay, then I’ll just pay and “lesson-learned”.  I made the appointment for them to meet me in the hotel lobby the next day.  They did not show up.  While I was furiously waiting (I was having a problem with my Sprint international service, and Dell staff is only authorized to call on an Ireland or UK landline.  WHAT?  It is a BUSINESS LAPTOP!!!) I tried to turn it on and it came on, blink-blink-blink, “You have an error with your hard drive”, okay, now it knows I have a hard drive.  That’s progress.  So without any commitment from DELL, I show up in the lobby the next day.  I MUST get this fixed.  I am able to get thru to them and they admit they did not have the part in stock.  I asked the guy to run thru diagnostics again, he did, and it was fine.  UGH and this at the same time.  Okay, DELL, give me a refund for the part that you don’t have and send me a survey, please.

I mentioned in my first post,  “It’s our life, not a vacation.”  There were some beautiful parts of the week, and I will share those another time (trying to avoid long posts).

GRATITUDE for wi-fi on the train for me to deal with DELL (sort of)

F.A.C.E.S:  Art: Triptych; E: Bantry, Cobh, Ring of Kerry; S: Picking up garbage in the city of Cork.

Check back to see where in the world the Quennevilles will be.


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