England, Yorkshire, If You Will

Social Media has done wonderful things for small businesses.  Jerome has been following Rosemary’s Brushes  on Instagram for the past couple of years.  She has a good following and posts that are inspiring for all artists of every level.

Rosemary’s brushes are all hand made by nineteen people at her location in Yorkshire and used by many noted painters around the world.

Rosemary’s place was on the list, so Jerome booked our flight from Edinburgh to Manchester and the AirBNB just 1.5 miles away from Rosemary’s.  It was a memorable walk.  Rosemary stepped in for a moment.  We hadn’t pulled out the camera yet so didn’t get a picture, but appreciated her consideration to see us.   


Symi is Rosemary’s daughter, she’s an admirable energy in the house of Rosemary.  She pulled out some paper, paint and invited Jerome to try all the brushes.    We were there for two hours and we learned much about Rosemary and Company. They have a beautiful location/estate where they host workshops and regular kids events.  They do good things in teaching painting and providing supplies, tools, inspiration and instruction to youth who are interested in the art in their own community and in remote parts of the world.  Jerome donated some of his brushes to the cause.  Symi values the human spirit and makes everyone her best friend.   She is kind, generous, talented, intelligent, happy, confident and congenial.   We look forward to seeing her again.

Jerome selected some paints that Symi recommended, some beautiful brushes for himself and for some friends as gifts.  

We did some quick touring around the home of the Bronet sisters then into the village of Haworth.  Diane at The Souk vintage shop was helpful in selecting a proper pair of gloves and hat for my visit to Buckingham palace.    I would have loved to spend hours in the shop, and I will (one day).  As we’re in and out of shops we are keenly aware that we have no place for stuff.  I’m sending a few treasures around for when we do have a home again, and it will be the home of tokens and treasures.  

I usually like vintage and antique shops, but when they are in a different country, that’s even more fun.  In the US the old things are 50 years old.  Here, in the UK things are old.  I’m talking OLD.  The NEW COURSE at St. Andrew golf course is 240 years old.  One realtor told me last year my house was “an old house”.  It was built in 1986.  Today I sit in a house that is 400 years old.


One day as we walked a few miles we discussed the walking vs driving or cabbing modes of transportation.  That day we heard a babbling brook as we walked over a 400 year old bridge,  nibbled on the wild raspberries along the way we concluded that since we have the time and the physical ability we are just fine walking.    I  do admit that on this same day I was crabby and cranky walking our 9th mile.  We stopped to talk to a couple guys on the street and told them where we were going, checking to see that we were going the right way.  They said it was “ooh, too far to walk”.  I think that got in my head and made me crabby.  Jerome was patient and encouraged me along.

I am a pretty social person and miss going to lunch with friends or running errands with another gal.  This is just Jerome and I.  There can be challenges at this phase of life spending so much time together.  We’re doing okay.  We read together nightly and pray together regularly, as we have.  We still have our own interests and try to enjoy interests of each other.


F.A.C.E.:  Art with Rosemary’s and Company Brushes, Exploring vintage shops in Yorkshire. Service in donating brushes.

Stay tuned to see where the Quennevilles will be next.



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